Aquascape Designs

Aquascape designs refer to the water garden designs of this ground-breaking company.  

Let me say right upfront that this is not an advertisement nor do I have any financial stake in the company.  This is my garden writer "take" on the experiences I've had with this system and other systems.  It's my .02

The key advantages to using this system are:

1)  It is engineered to a very high standard of performance.

2) The company trains its affiliate pond builders as well as any in the trade and if they have a problem, they can call head office and get instant answers from the expert team of builders there.

3) It works.  In the sense that they have designed a total systems package to integrate water, plants, fish and water movement, this pond system works well.

4) Contractors are trained in the system and should know what they are doing compared to some landscapers who simply start building without a clue about what they're trying to achieve.

Having said that.  The reality is that some people don't like Aquascapes. 

Here are a few of the criticisms leveled at the company and system.

1) It is expensive.  Well, yes it is compared to some other systems.  See point number one above.

2) It is all hype.  Well, no it isn't actually but it certainly challenges the accepted wisdom of the old-fashioned pond builders. For example, previous to Aquascape designs coming along, pond builders left the liners exposed.  Aquascapes covered them up with rocks arguing that native ponds used the irregular surfaces to give aquatic life (from bacteria to small critters) a place to hide and develop.  The old-time pond builders didn't appreciate being told they were wrong.

Aquascapes also brought a standardization to their pond building.  Independent contractors didn't like being told, "Do it this way or don't use our systems."  "Price it our way or don't be our contractor."

Contractors didn't like being told that the old way wasn't good enough and that the poor results their customers were having was a direct result of the installations.  Not one bit; and frankly many were vitriolic in their condemnation of this company.


In summary, this successful company created a marketing system to promote their high-end products and established ponders were turned off by the new techniques and brashness of the company and its founder.  A good system, it works.

Do you want to use Aquascapes?  I guess that depends on your pond and budget.  I'd use Aquascapes if I had a small backyard (mine is 2 acres) and wanted a small pond (I live on an island).  I will use their components when it comes time to install my "lake" that I want.

But you might not be happy paying the price for the high-end of the pond world. 

This system works.  It has been tested but it is the most expensive (upfront costs) pond system around.



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