Backyard Fish Pond

The backyard fish pond can be a great thing in your home landscaping or it can be a nightmare you really want to wake up from.

Here are a few things you want to consider when planning your dream pond design.


If you want waterlilies, you really want to put this backyard pond in the full sunshine. A *very* light shade will work as long as the pond receives a solid 8 hours of direct hot sun a day.


The reality is that if you set up your pond ecosystem properly, your pond is going to work nicely for you.

If you make mistakes, you're quickly going to realize what swamp gas smells like and how unpleasant scummy green water can be.

It's all about getting a balanced pond ecology.

Fish and Plants

Too many folks ignore the reality that big fish and potted plants are a deadly combination. Big fish, particularly koi and goldfish, tend to dig up plants and/or eat them. That's what big fish do. :-)

So you either have to get used to the idea that you can have big fish or big plants but unless you're going to fence off the plants, you aren't going to have both easily.

And oh yeah, big fish have babies and unless you're prepared to do some flushing or a heck of a lot of "giving away" your pond will be quickly over run with fish. And this creates some other problems (see pond ecology).

Pumps and Filters

These are the expensive bits in the pond and they should be balanced for the size of the pond. Too big a pump creates a Niagara Falls (and plants hate this) while too small a pump doesn't clean or oxygenate enough. So get the right size pond pump.


The backyard fish pond is likely going to be a fairly large investment if you do it properly. One problem is that the tiny ponds are more problems in maintenance and getting them to balance properly - you really wind up with something in the 10'x8' range before you have the water volume necessary to house fish, plants, waterfalls and other pond life in a balanced and fairly easily maintained system.

Smaller ponds easily maintain fish... or plants... or pond life... or fountains.... but not all of them in one unified ecosystem without a hassle or three.

backyard fish pond

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