Backyard Ponds and Problem Solving

Backyard ponds come with a full range of delightful moments and these rarely need discussing on the Internet.

However what we do find is that when pond gardeners have a small problem, the first place they now charge off to is the Internet. This page is a reference page for solving problems, giving you honest information without trying to sell you anything (other than one of my ebooks or my free gardening newsletter of course) (insert grin here) and answering your pond gardening questions.

Pond Cleaning

pond cleaning A very unromantic thing but one of those little essentials that's going to make your life better if you do it

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Pond Leaks

pond leaks How to find and fix ponds leaks (been there, done that)

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Water Quality

water quality It need not be difficult but it is important to understand a few of the basics of pond water quality

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waterlily Maybe you like in an area where there's no winter - I don't. :-)

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Mosquito Magnets

waterlily Some things to be aware of if you're seriously considering one of these machines for mosquito control

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Waterfall Backsplash

waterlily Here's a problem of losing too much water out of the waterfall

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Natural Pond Leaks

waterlily What to do when a natural bottom pond leaks

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Water Too Hot

waterlily So how do you cool down a too-hot pond ?

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fish die after winter  all my fish and frog died after blizzards when i lost power and the pond froze it best to drain and clean all the sludge from the bottom....

Doug ...

Building a pond sequence  First, let me say thank you for site and info. Late summer, '09, I went from 200-10,000 gallon koi pond, with Japanese design and garden, to come, I hope!...

All my fish died overnight  This is our fourth year in a 550+ gal pond. It was our most successful sping, water is crystal clear, plants and fish both thriving. We purchased two ...

no electricity in pond area  I want to install a small pond in my yard (about 70 gallons) and i have no available electricity and am on a pretty tight budget. Is there anything that ...

possible pond leaks  Can you offer any troubleshooting advice about why it would be taking more than a week for the dampness around the edge of the pond to dry up. We are wondering ...

pump won't prime  We have had this pump, which is connected to a biological filter and UV filter, for about 4 years. It has always been difficult to prime each spring, requiring ...

Water Lily Questions

  Water lily questions with garden author Doug Green

Need plants to provide surface coverage in moving water.  Are there any plants that will do well in moving water? The lilies have failed because of too much splashing water and current. I would like to plant ...

oily water bubbles  Hi, appreciate you taking the time. I have a pond I've just wintered the first time with my fish in it and have just restarted the filtration. I dumped ...

Using pond liner in a concrete pond  Hi, Doug- Avid reader of and love your newsletter and articles. I have a concrete pond, 5'x12'x 3' deep. It has developed a significant leak - 6"-8"...

Creating an eco-system in my 1, 000 gal. stock tank  We have an in-ground 1,000 gal. stock tank that is about 3' deep. The horses ,dogs and a few calves use this as a watering hole.
What is the best way ...

pond liner upheaving  how do we winterize our pond? We currently have a plastic liner and after emptying out the water it seems to be upheaving. we even put some weight in the ...

eating leaves  I put a lily in my pond and the leaves look like the fish are nibbling on them or the frogs are tearing them up. The flowers are blooming beautifully despite ...

Yellowing Water-Forget-Me-Not leaves  I'm new to water gardening and I have just a small container garden. My water forget-me-not is sitting so that the water just laps over the top of the ...

String Algae and dead fish  My fish are dying and I have string algae. I have scooped out tonnes of algae and I think my water is too acidic. So what do i do now? I read somewhere ...