Bamboo Fountain

You can buy a bamboo fountain or you can make your own. The picture here shows a commercially made unit but making your own is simple if you follow these steps.
The steps you have to complete include:

Building the framework.

The picture here gives one of the simplest of frameworks and is easily copied.

The only trick, if there is one is to ensure the framework allows the height of the pipe to swivel completely. A little bit too tall is fine because it can be lowered by digging the support sides a tad deeper into the soil.

Building the water pipe.

The large section of bamboo can be found at gift stores or by dismantling some wind chimes. :-) It must be hollow it's entire length. I expect you could substitute pipe of some kind for bamboo if you had a "modern" oriental garden.

One end is blocked. A bit of wood and epoxy works nicely here or a glue stick/gun project is also effective.

Balancing the pipe

Once this is done - the mid point in balance has to be found so the
weight of the water will overpower the weight of the plugged end. This is the only tricky part. By holding the mid-point in your fingers, you'll quickly be able to find the balance center.

You don't want the balance point to be in the center. If it were, the fountain would tip over almost as soon as a small amount of water dripped in. Or the bottom wouldn't bring the bamboo fountain back into the filling position.

So this means the hole to balance the unit has to be towards the open

The tricky part is deciding how far up the pipe to drill this balance hole.

Trial and error with fingers holding the pipe will get the right length of time for you.

If you mess up

If you make an error and either the pipe won't tip or won't untip - simply epoxy some small stones as weights into the bottom (to return it) or "upper" lip of the pipe opening (to help it tip).  Note the upper lip of the opening means the stone won't interfere with the flow of the water when tipping.

Finishing Off

Run a rod through your pipe to the uprights and ensure the framework looks like the one in the picture. You want those cross members in place because this is what gives the distinctive "thwack" of the working fountain. They also hold the pipe in the proper location to receive water.

Place the bamboo fountain under a dripping water source. And emptying into the pond. Adjust the flow so the action (and thwacking) of the fountain is to your own beat. (See, you can march to the beat of your own drummer.)

You can see that the water source in this picture is coming from
another bamboo pipe attached to the framework. The water is being piped up inside the support system.

While this is lovely in a stand alone system, you can either rig up something similar or take the water flow from another point.

pond landscape
Bamboo Fountain

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