Blue Water Lily

The blue water lily is a tropical water lily with all the requirements of this plant for full hot sunshine and warm - very warm - water.

Growing Conditions

If you want to see gorgeous blooms, there is very little sense in putting this plant into anything but a full sun pond (no shade)

Feed this plant heavily. Underfeeding a tropical lily will result in smaller blooms and fewer of them. This is a greedy feeding plant that loves a balanced food source.

Never plant into cold water. This water lily will stunt in growth if it gets cold. A later planting once the water has reached a consistent 70F is a good idea.


This is also a "day blooming" plant opening up during the day and closing down in dull weather or in the early evening when the sunlight levels go down. You have to be home early from work to see this beauty.

Luckily, there are also "night-blooming" varieties (but not in blue) that bloom during the night so you can see them after work).


Wintering indoors is the normal route for tropicals - not easy but it can be done with a little care. Here are those instructions.

pond landscape
The kind of pond edge that attracts dragonflies to breed, lots of moisture and cover

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