Bog Rosemary

Bog rosemary or members of the Andromeda species are pretty easy plants to grow in a bog given they really like damp acidic soils and don't grow in too many other places. This is a small shrubby plant with woody stems.

How To Grow

Grow in full sun to very light shade. In damp soils and acidic ones. You can do this in the home garden by growing this plant in pure peat moss. Given it is a native to peat bogs, it will think it has come home. Keep the peat wet at all times.


The easiest home systems are 1) from tender tip cuttings or 2) simple layering. You might be able to divide this plant (very carefully!) but it is far easier to layer a cutting (lay a wayward shoot on the ground, pin it there with a length of wire and cover over the shoot - the covered part will root)


A. glaucophylla is the North American native to the N.E. and this is a high-tundra plant hardy to USDA zone 2. Flowers in late spring or early summer with off-white or pinkish blooms.

A. polifolia (pictured) is the plant you'll see most often in garden shops (if you find it at all) and this is a European plant of Northern Europe or the Alps. (hardy to at least USDA 3/4) The species has pinkish flowers - barely visible in picture. There are some cultivated varieties of this plant with variations in flower and growth form in Europe but I've never seen them here in N.A. But this is an easy to grow plant and very hardy if you give it straight peat soil and keep the peat damp.

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