How To Build A Water Garden

Here is the next step in our project to build a water garden.

Electrical Work

The second step in our project to build a water garden is to arrange for all electrical and water services to be installed.

It is far easier to have an electrician put in the electrical system at the beginning and then you build a water garden that fits the electrical location than to have to pay an electrician to run wires to fit your pond. Similarly, if there’s any plumbing to be done, get it done right now to ease the chore of filling and maintaining water levels. Put those systems as close together as possible.

Pond Safety First!

GFI switches are mandatory in outdoor electrical systems or any electrical circuit having any kind of closeness to water. This switch senses water and immediately shuts itself off. Trust me, this is a good idea; water and electricity do not mix.

Automatic water filling switches are also a great idea is our build a water garden project. They fill up the pond automatically keeping all systems working at peak efficiency. This means you don’t have to stand there with a hose or let it run to overflowing (and you will because you’ll forget to turn it off) when you’ve gone “just for a minute” to do another chore.

Biological Filter

Step Three in our build a water garden project is to install the water entrance system or biologic filter. Biological filter articles - homemade and store-bought can be found under the pond supplies link on the left.

Organic Matter Filter

Step Four is to install the water exit system or organic matter filter. Again, there will be an entire page dedicated to these filters in the near future.

It is enough to say at this point that these filters have to be level and installed at the correct pond level (yes, there’s a diagramme in the works) so water will flow properly between them when you get to installing the liner.

Building A Water Garden - Plumbing

Step Five is to lay all the plumbing to connect the entrance and exit systems. Remember that our build a water garden project, we have to have water flowing out the exit and then recirculate it back to the entrance filter. Both of these filters are important and plumbing should be fully winter hardy and professional grade.

Important Tip: If you try to “save” on cheap plumbing to connect your filters, you’ll find yourself digging them up in a year or two as winter freezes and thaws and cracks them up. Use professional grade spa-grade piping here or be prepared to redo your pond plumbing. Do not be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Hook up your systems now

Now is the time in step four to hook all the systems up to water and power. Get this done now before you go any further with liners and landscaping in our build a water garden project.

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Installing A Filter

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