Building Koi Ponds

Building Koi ponds (or ponds for other fish for that matter) is similar to building water gardens for plants.

There are a few differences that you might consider when building Koi ponds.

Bored Fish

For example, if you are trying to grow fish, you may not want to bother trying to grow lilies in ponds that have too many large koi. These fish can (and likely will) make short work of water lilies as they get bored and decide to dig in the bottom or turn tubs upside down.

You can grow lilies and fish in the same water garden but you need to decide if this is the case as you’ll limit the number of fish. This section is about building fish ponds rather than full ecology ponds.

Pond Construction

koi ponds The basic steps for building a pond are the same whether it's for fish or plants

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5 Tips for Construction

koi ponds Five tips for designing and building a great backyard fish pond

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Koi Pond Design

koi ponds Important considerations in designing your pond (ignore these and you'll regret it later)

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Pond Heater

koi ponds A pond heater isn't used for heating the entire pond but for keeping a hole in the ice open all winter

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Pond Algae

koi ponds Fish can make algae much, much worse so you do have to plan for solving this problem before you build

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Fish Pond Aerator

koi ponds Fish gasping at the surface or sluggish? You want to look at pond aeration in that case because you have an oxygen problem

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Fish Pond Pumps

koi ponds Here are the guidelines for determining how large a pump you require for you fish pond

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Cleaning Fish Ponds

koi ponds Cleaning fish ponds is something that has to be done - and here are some simple ways to get it done quickly and easily

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