Forget Me Not

All species of Forget-me-not thrive in dampish soils but for real water's edge performance, consider growing Myosotis scorpoides.

I note the native M. palustris is even weedier and will invade lawns so we can be thankful it is seldom sold in garden centers.

Growing Forget Me Not

In damp soils or marshy ground next to ponds; that's the secret.

If planted in constantly wet soils it can be placed in sun or part shade and it will still flower.

Forget Me Not produce blue flowers in very early spring.

This is a spreading, self-sowing perennial that you'll have to weed out if it gets too aggressive.

You can grow this plant as a shallow water plant about 2-inches deep or less in the pond so don't worry if spring flooding covers it with water.


Generally hardy into USDA zone 4 (I've overwintered it)

It doesn't like or overwinter in drier soils.


Self sows with abandon, you'll have to contain it.

You can take divisions or newly establish plants in the spring and move them to fill in holes.


Specialist nurseries may offer:

'Sapphire' - flowers bright sapphire blue
'Semperflorens' flowers sky blue but dwarfer than species
'Thuringen' flowers sky blue

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