Garden Pond Design

Garden pond design is the thing that makes or breaks the total project.

It is entirely one thing to have a well-constructed hole in the ground but unless you plant around it properly, well… you have a great hole in the ground. :-) Sometimes you even have a leaking hole in the ground. :-(

No Hole Required

One time you wouldn't want a hole in the ground is if you were designing above ground ponds. Here are a few thoughts on designing for them.

The only other time you wouldn't want to have a hole in the ground is if you were installing an indoor pond or indoor water garden Here are a few things to consider.

Container Garden Pond Design

And if you want to avoid holes in the ground with your pond side plants, here are a few suggestions for container gardening with pond plants.

On a similar vein, here's my thoughts on patio ponds and the things you can do with them.

This and the following pages in this section are intended to introduce you to some of the basic design or landscaping principles around making that water feature look like a feature rather than a dud. These garden pond design thoughts and suggestions do not take away from regular landscaping design principles but should be considered as suggestions regarding pond landscaping itself.

No Rules

The first rule is that there are no rules. There are however “suggestions” that you might consider sticking to. These will keep you out of trouble and if you’ve never done any landscaping at all, they will act as rules. But, if you really want to break them, well then go ahead and have a good time doing so.

Garden Pond Must Please You

The first suggestion to understand in any landscaping project is that it has to please you. If you are happy with your garden then no garden designer or garden snob has the right to tell you otherwise. They have the right to disagree with you and not like what you’ve done but they don’t have to live with your garden. Please yourself. (but here’s a few thoughts anyway)

The second suggestion is not to try to save on the number of plants you install. I know it is tempting to try to save money at this point in the construction process but ensuring there are enough major plants in the design to soften the edges and make it look natural will make or break your project.

Japanese garden ponds - this brief video will show you some outstanding examples of oriental water garden features.

Turtle Ponds are a great way to design a backyard pond for amusement as well as helping give wildlife a home. Here's the simplest of water garden design tips.

Aquascape Designs are the largest pond manufacturer and pond system in today's market. Here's my quick take on this company.

Underwater pond lighting is imporant for pond enjoyment and here are three considerations and light placements for you to consider.

Swimming Pool / Pond

Can I turn my swimming pool into a pond? Find out here.

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