Growing Tradescantia or Spiderwort

Growing tradescantia or spiderwort successfully is definitely a job for planting in moist soils.

Not underwater soils but consistently damp soil.

Let this plant dry out and it will stop blooming. Keep it damp and it will bloom almost all summer.

Growing Tradescantia

Spiderwort is easily grown in the full sun in dampish soils. We’re not talking underwater or pond side here. What we mean is a rich, well-drained soil but one that is kept damp. If kept wet all winter, you might find this plant gets root rot.

Most varieties are approximately 18-24 inches tall.

Plant Propagation

This plant will self sow in warmer areas if happy but is quite easy to divide first thing in the spring in colder zones.

If happy, it can become a bit of a weed but because it self-sows it is easily pulled (or with a bit of effort) It does not produce from underground runners making it a real thug.


Easily hardy down into USDA zone 3 and flowering consistently into USDA zone 9 with the heat.

Great Varieties

‘Blue and Gold’ (pictured to left) has a rich golden leaf in the spring (chartreuse in the summer) with gentian blue flowers.

’Concord Grape’ powdery blue foliage with a rich violet-purple flower.

’Navajo Princess’ small white flowers with a blue flush in the center.

’Perrine’s Pink’ soft pink blooms, a compact growth habit of blue-green leaves.

’Purple Profusion’ royal purple flowers, compact growth habit.

’Red Grape’ wine-red flowers, gray-green compact foliage.

’True Blue’ clear blue flowers but with narrow grassy-like foliage.

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