My Natural Pond Won't Hold Water

I built a pond it is about a 5 acre pond. I was wondering is i could put sheetrock in it because it won't hold any water.

Doug says

Wow, it is really too bad you didn't do several tests before you built this monster.

Can you put sheetrock into it?  Sheetrock up here is plasterboard and it won't hold water.

You can get a liner for it but we're talking mega-bucks for this project.  It is a good 20-year investment and won't be bothered by burrowing muskrats etc.

Bentonite clay is another option that's less expensive up front but might require maintenance if you get burrowing (learn how to trap)

My guess is you're going to talk to a county extension or engineering person and investigate using bentonite clay (you can buy this) to seal off the bottom of your pond.

In short, you add bentonite clay particles, rototill them in at the recommended concentration to turn your soil into clay.  Roll a heavy weight - like a dozer - over it to compact it.  That will then hold water.

A local well-driller will tell  you where to get the quanties you're going to need to seal in this pond.   The amounts will depend on the current composition of your soil - if it's sand, it will take more Bentonite than if it's close to being clay.

I've played around with this stuff and I have two thoughts on it.

1) Don't try to work it wet.  It's a mess when it gets damp.
2) Don't ever skimp on the amount you're going to use. It may cost a  few extra bucks up front but you really want to do this job once and not have to back down there to reseal this pond.Hope this helps.

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