Growing Japanese Rush

Acorus gramineus is called the Japanese Rush or Grassy-leaved sweet flag.

It is in the same family as the sweet flag

Grow in the full sunshine or part sun in the water’s edge. It will survive in wet boggy soil as well as in shallow water. I actually grew an acorus as an underwater aquarium plant one winter to see what would happen. It wasn’t totally happy with this situation but I suspect it wasn’t happy with the light levels (too low).

Propagating Japanese Rush

Divide this plant in the early spring with each division having a few small leaf spears and a chunk of root. Replant immediately and it will fully regrow within two seasons.


It has a flower but it is not spectacular. In other words, you grow this plant for the leaves and not the flowers that resemble little grass plant tufts.

The flowers are held just over the tops of this 8 inch tall plant.

Landscape Value

Grow this plant for its short, grass-like leaves at the water’s edge. The variegated variety is showier because of the green-white striping on the leaf.

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Japanese Rush

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