Growing Lotus

I like having lotus in my water garden areas and luckily they are easy to grow if you follow a few simple rules.

Don't expect too much from the first few leaves.

The first small leaves were not impressive; they resembled very small water lily leaves. After two or three small leaves, a large leaf spike emerges reaching for the sky. Unfolding, this leaf should measure approximately twelve inches across and be held about twelve inches on top of the water. It resembled a huge, flattened soup bowl more than anything else and when it gets wet, the water simply rolls off the leaf. That is all except for a spot at the stem junction where the water reflectsthe sunlight and beams away with apparent pleasure.

Once the leaves had finished expanding - and we're now talking the end of June - the flower stalks started to emerge from the banana shaped root (or more properly a rhizome). These tremendously strong stalks reached up three to four feet above the lotus leaves and formed a huge fist sized, egg-shaped bud.

To make a long impatient story much shorter than the wait, the opening of the lotus blossom was worth the wait. We're talking gorgeous here. A wonderful show of colour! Each blossom closed at night and seemed to last three or four days before fading away.

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