Make-a-water-garden continued...

Adding Gravel

Step Eleven: in our project to make a water garden is to add gravel to our liner.

We finally use wheelbarrows here to dump the gravel into the pond but we are extremely careful about using shovels to move the gravel around.

We do not want to disturb our larger rocks or puncture the liner.

The backs of rakes are used to smooth the gravel in place unless you’re feeling brave or professionally competent and then the tines can be used.

Adding Water to the Pond

We finally get to add the water in our efforts. Turn on a hose and start washing off the gravel with a jet of water. We want to collect all the dirt from the gravel into the centre of the pond so start cleaning and filling (at the same time) from the centre and work towards the edges.

Use the strongest jet you can and clean the gravel as best you can. It will all be removed in the next few steps.

Build the Waterfalls

Step Twelve: our plan includes building our waterfalls and streams. See the links to these pages.

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Adding Rocks

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