Pond Construction

Pond Construction continued:


Step Thirteen: In our pond construction process, now is a good time to ensure the waterfall is working properly, and repair any leaks or backflows. You can easily see them at this time.

Install the Water Plants

Step Fourteen: With everything working, our next step is to install our water plants.

See the pages on water plants and water lilies for specific information on how to plant each of these types of plants.


Step Fifteen: in our tips is to now finish off the outside edges of the pond with landscaping.

Now that you have your water in the pond, the waterfalls are falling and the streams are streaming, it is time to get those water-side plants into the ground.

Step Sixteen: is one of the fun steps. Add the fish and oxygenating plants

We’re getting quite close to the end of the process, Only one more step to go.

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