Pond Water Quality

Pond water quality is one thing that most gardeners tend to ignore for the water garden.

And for the most part, they do not need to take into account too many aspects of water quality.

Two that spring to mind are;

1) salt content of the water and
2)pH of the water.

Salt Content

This is usually only a problem in koi ponds when and if the koi are being treated for disease. After the salt has been flushed out and the water replenished, the lilies can be returned to the pond.

Lilies will not tolerate much salt in the water and if you see them developing an “oily” or “slick sheen” to their leaves, they are best removed from the treated water and put in fresh, salt-free water.

Water pH

pH is only a problem if the water is over 8 or under 7. Acidic water - less than 7 on the pH scale is more a problem than higher more alkaline water.

If you have trouble with your lilies thriving, it may be a water pH problem and this can be inexpensively tested with a pool water kit. Chemicals to alter pH can be purchased through pool suppliers or through the Net.

Pond water quality issues of debris or algae are best dealt with by filters and management control.

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