Some Pond Creatures and Controls

When it comes to beasts and birds and pond creatures in the water garden, there are a few of the good kind and there are a few of the not-so-welcome kind.

Here's a few links for helping you attract the good guys and discourage the bad guys.

Now, let me be clear that some of these creatures are gifts and some are trials and I"m not suggesting you encourage any of then (well, maybe the frogs). But the reality is that as soon as you put water into your landscape design, you're going to attract wildlife.

And that's part of the reason we have water in our backyards, to encourage and support wildlife in simple ways. From providing water for birds to a home for insects that are being driven to extinction by development.

It's a small thing and we do get to take the good with some bad but that's what watching nature is all about. :-)

Friendly frogs


Love 'em or hate 'em (or a little bit of both) turtles make an interesting addition to most ponds

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Pond Snails

Pond snails are the ultimate scavenger but sometimes this causes problems

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It is indeed a sterile environment where frogs don't move into a pond very quickly after the water appears

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This is a very large bird with a very sharp beak, huge appetite for fish and no regard for pond liners.

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These masked mauraders of the night can do some serious damage to fish ponds

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Mosquitoes need no introduction to anybody who's been outside in Canada after dark.

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Mosquito Magnets

One way to control this pest but do read for questions to ask when you're shopping

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This is one of my favorite insects because it eats a ton of mosquitoes and black flies. Love these insect helicopters.

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