Pond Side Perennials

The list below is a good starting list for pond side perennials that will thrive in the wet areas next to ponds.
Unfortunately, it is not all-inclusive and the thing you should watch for in picking your plants is that while some members of a family love the damp soils, some other members might not.

A perfect example of this is Coreopsis or butter daisy. C. rosea does very well in damp situations. C. verticillata also survives quite nicely with a lot of water but C. lanceolata (commonly found in garden centers) will not grow well at all when kept damp. Or, rather I should say that it might grow well for a while but it won't overwinter in damp soils.

So when looking for pond side perennials, do ensure your choices fit your situation. Here's a good starting point with this list of plants. Note that some of them are linked to growing instructions and these numbers will continue to increase as I build up the sites. Please use the search box below to check on specific plants.


Sweet Flag Acorus

iris A charming little plant for bogside gardens

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Japanese Rush Acorus

iris Smaller and daintier than the Sweet Flag, another good little plant for that special spot

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Bog Rosemary

iris Andromeda or Bog Rosemary is a fine woody plant for always-damp, acidic soils. Rock hardy.

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Arundo donax

iris Arundo donax or Giant Reed is a dynamite bog garden plant for a large garden. Can be invasive spreader in warm areas

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iris Astrantia or Masterwort is an excellent plant for shady sites or wet spots. Here's how to grow it and propagate it.

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iris Aruncus or Goatsbeard is a wonderful plant for sun or shade.

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iris Asclepias or Swamp Milkweed is fragrant, deer and rabbit resistant and makes a great cut flower. What else do you need?

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iris Astilbe are one of the highlights of the spring-summer-fall pond side garden; can be a spreader

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iris Carex is a grass like plant that thrives in damp soil

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iris Gunnera is one of my favorite pond side perennials even though it is quite tender. Making up for its tenderness is it's "hugeness". :-)

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Gunnera problem

iris I've got gunnera problems. The stems are being eaten - what can I do?

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Hosta Care

iris Hosta care is easy in a damp garden if you take care of slugs. Here's how.

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iris Hibiscus are one of the tallest and biggest blooming plants in the damp perennial garden. Here's how to propagate and grow them.

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Japanese Iris

iris Iris for the pond side garden come in several different species. One of the stateliest - and most intriguing are the Japanese Iris

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iris Lysimachia or Loosestrife is a vigorous spreading plant that will grow almost anywhere.

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Forget Me Not

iris These are NOT the same plant as your shade loving perennial forget-me-not. Myosotis scorpoides or Aquatic Forget Me Nots are wonderful blue flowering spring plants for the bog or shallow water.

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Northern Pampas Grass

iris Saccharum or Northern Pampas Grass is easily grown if you follow one growing rule.

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Pitcher Plants

iris Sarracenia or Pitcher Plants are superb bog plants

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iris Tradescantia or spiderwort is a fine pond side perennial and is one of those plants that bloom almost all summer if happy and one that doesn't appear in most gardens. Here's how to grow it.

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