Pond Waterfalls

To get a decent pond waterfalls working , you have to take a few simple things into consideration. To create a valuable addition to your yard, you might want to consider a few other things outlined in this series of articles.

There's nothing tricky about doing this construction stuff, but a few simple tricks can make the difference between having something that works really well or having a constantly leaking mess.  Most of those tricks are in this series of articles.

First Design Consideration

Your pond waterfalls also should face the main point of view of the pond watchers. There is little point putting a delightful pond waterfalls off to the side where you might not be able to see it directly from the house or deck. Face the waterfalls directly to where you will see it from.

Once the biological filter is set in place for where it will spill water in the direction of the main point of garden viewing, and the pond is dug, the next step is to excavate the width of the waterfall to fit the large rocks to be installed there (you are using the biggest rocks for this you can lift/move somehow aren't you?) These large sidewall rocks form the outer edges of the waterfall area ensuring the water doesn't spill out of the pond at this point

You also have to decide whether you are going to have one large water drop from the top to the bottom or whether you are going to break the water flow into several different streams or steps.

Hint: without defining the edges of the waterfall, you'll lose excessive amounts of water out the sides of the waterfall.

pondless waterfall

Bambo Fountain

waterfall Bamboo fountain construction is a simple kind of water feature

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Pondless Waterfalls

waterfall Pondless waterfalls are one way to have the waterfall without the work of keeping a pond.

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Pond Lighting

waterfall Lighting the waterfalls is a much appreciated garden view for evening entertaining

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Waterfall Pictures

waterfall A few waterfall pictures to inspire - readers sharing their pics.

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