Growing Sweet Flag

Acorus or Sweet Flag is an interesting family of plants and it has been used historically for its fragrant root.

I note that if you crush the leaves, you’ll get a fragrance but that some folks like it and some don’t (it’s not really a “flowery” fragrance).

Where to Grow

This grows in the shallow water next to streams and lakes so it can be considered a true waterside plant.

It also prefers the full sun.


Divide Acorus in the early spring for the easiest and quickest way to get more plants. It is very much like an iris in this way - take a spear and a bit of root and replant right away and you’ll have a mature plant in no time.


It does flower but not in any showy manner.

While the plant isn’t showy, the variegated variety is garden worthy for it’s green and white striped leaf and speed of growth.

Landscape Value

In the wild, this plant forms dense thickets beloved of waterfowl. In the garden, it fills in quickly and gives an excellent vertical spiked accent to the water garden edging. The variegated variety is the better one for ornamental gardens in that it is slower growing and more compact than the species.

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Sweet Flag
Sweet Flag

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