Water Garden Construction

Water Garden Construction: More tips...

Bury the Liner Edges

Step Seventeen in our water garden construction is to bury the edges of the liner in the soil around the pond.

If you really want to, you can cut the liner now but you never know what changes you’ll make in the future or where you’ll want to bring your second pond to meet the first (don’t say “never” - I know way too many gardeners that said “never” and ended up saying “certainly” to a new and expanded pond).

Mulch the Pond

Step Eighteen is to mulch the garden around the pond. Blend your mulch to the pond stony edge to ease the transition

Add Bacteria

Step Nineteen is to add bacteria as desired. Click here for the role of beneficial bacteria in the pond

Clean 'er Up - You're Done

Step Twenty: And finally, clean up the project area putting all tools away and the various odds and sods back into the tool room and/or garden shed.

Now, enjoy yourself and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

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Water Garden Construction

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