Water Garden Ebook

You'll find the answers to your pond construction questions in this water garden ebook. It shows in clear pictures exactly how to build a pond. I've built 5 of my own ponds over the years, ranging in size from a few square feet to almost a football field sized water garden.

I spent all day with a group of folks learning how to build ponds for a living, and I took pictures along the way to show you how the pro's do it.  Each step in the process is illustrated here with a description.

121 pictures are used throughout the book to describe each of the steps we went through in this construction - so you get to see the details I describe.  

Example of Content

Here's a screen shot of the first page of the ebook describing how to site and organize your pond layout.

It describes the one thing that beginners often don't do - make sure the filter and the skimmer are lined up to face each other.  You immediately get problems if you don't do this and it doesn't matter how nicely your pond looks if you ignore this kind of basic advice.  The water won't flow properly and will just never perform the way you want it to.  A direct flow eliminates stagnant water -- because stagnant water helps create water clarity issues.  See what I mean - it's the little things that get you.

This is a pretty clear-cut book with pictures demonstrating all the major decisions and techniques to creating a pond.

It also passes along some of the pro tips that are taught to landscapers when they're solving problems.  Little things that either save time or money and how to solve small problems that occur in the best of system installation.

I could describe all this in glowing terms (but I'm a gardener not a copywriter) so let me simply suggest you read the guarantee.  I mean this - and it takes away any risk you might have.  Try the water garden e-book and if you don't like it - excercise your guarantee.

Unconditional Guarantee

I personally guarantee if you're not satisfied with any of your gardening ebooks, I'll refund your money without question or hassle. It's a simple guarantee - you're happy or I give you back your money with no questions asked.  You have a full 90 days to do this.

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