Water Lettuce Problem

We have a water lettuce problem. My husband and I live in Smithfield, VA. We recently set up a fountain that has 3 tiers, with a form of a seashell on each level. I had purchased some water lettuce and put them in the water. The fountain gets about 6 hours of sunlight per day. However, the water lettuce plants do not seem to be doing well.They are not growing. There are no fish or other animals in the water. We are on city water, and believe the water is hard. Any suggestions on what we can do to grow these plants? Thank you!

Doug says

Stop the fountain circulating. ;-)   For the most part, floating plants like this do not like being wet from the splashing or being in fairly quick moving water.  

You'll also find the need to constantly add water to this fountain is keeping the water fairly full of chlorine - another small problem.

And to top this off - 6 hours of sunlight is pretty much at the lower end of the sunlight level for this plant.

You could move the fountain - turn off the water but then you'll have a pond. :-)

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