Water Snowflake

Water Snowflake or Nymphoides are a family of tender and tropical floating plants, some with lovely leaves that will colonize large surfaces of water with some speed.

This is another way of saying this is a very fast growing plant and could become a problem in warmer climates.

In northern gardens, they are usually treated as a tender annual.

Floating Plants

These are floating plants and do not require planting in the pond. In shallow water, their roots will hold into mud or stone bottoms to anchor the plant.

They do prefer full sunshine but will survive nicely in partially shaded locations.

Propagate these plants by division in the spring or by separating the small plants later in the summer.

Varieties You'll See

N. indica. : This is sometimes called Floating Heart as well as the more commonly known Water Snowflake. It is a tender tropical plant, hardy to Z10 and it is best overwintered in an aquarium everywhere else.

If you're trying to overwinter it, you'll find that you'll need to use grow lights to keep it alive and growing or it will simply stop and die. A water temperature of 72F is also required.

N. peltata or Yellow Floating Heart is often sold because of its lovely mottled leaves and lovely golden-yellow flowers. This is considered hardy to USDA Zone 6.

N. aquatica is a Northeast North American native plant and is not usually grown in home ponds or sold in garden centers. It is hardy to USDA 6.

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Water Snowflake

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