Water Garden Waterfalls tips:

Make sure you have lots of pond foam when you start building your water garden waterfalls.

Without the foam, the majority of water will wind up going down the back of the falls and you’ll lose the impact. Pond foam prevents this.

Having said this, pond foam is to ensure water moves to the front of the water garden waterfalls. It is not a concrete or rock glue. Excessive foaming costs money (it is far cheaper to fit the rocks properly than to fill the entire thing with foam). Foam is not stable enough to support the weight of rocks so do not use it like mortar.

Before You Foam

Before you foam your rocks into place - build the entire waterfall to ensure you like the look of it. If you like how it looks from a distance without the water, you know it will look good with water. Then carefully take it apart, putting the rocks in order to the side. Then rebuild the falls, using foam as a last step. If you build it with foam first and then decide you wanted “that” one rock moved, you have to break apart the foam to do so.

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